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Denali Powerhub 2 Motorcycle Fuse Block With Wiring Harness


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The PowerHub2 Power Distribution Module allows you to safely connect up to 6 electronic devices to your motorcycle in a clean, workmanlike manner. It’s CANbus compatible and includes six 15-amp rated and fused outputs, six ground posts, and a plug-and-play wiring harness for direct battery hookup. Each of the six outputs can be individually set as “always on” or “switched” on/off with the ignition of the motorcycle. Instead of attaching multiple ring terminals to your battery, use a PowerHub2!

Denali designed the CANbus-safe PowerHub2 to allow simple and easy installation of electrical components. Each unit has six individually fused outputs. These are not your ordinary outputs. Simply plug the fuse in to the left or the right on the circuit board to make the accessory live all of the time or switched on/off with the bike’s ignition.

The entire unit is rated for 30 Amps (360 watts). Each of the six circuits can handle up to 15A (180W) each – without exceeding a total sum of 30 Amps simultaneously. 

Features: Replaceable 30 amp Tyco/Bosch micro relay, Water-resistant, Compact, Durable, Choice between switched and constant power.

Specification:  Dimensions: L 3″ x W 4″ x H 1″, 6 circuits can handle up to 15A (180W) each, CANbus-compatible, 60 inch long 10 gauge wiring harness with Posi-lock connector.

What’s in the Box:
PowerHub2 fuse block.
2 ring terminals.
Wiring harness for connecting PowerHub2 to battery (includes switched “trigger” wire with Posi-tap connector).
Self-adhesive hook and loop pad for providing a quick-release attachment method for connecting the PowerHub2 to a flat surface.


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